rning, leaving some scriptures, willing to enlighten those who later. boom One day, an immortal mountain crash into this sector, bringing a mass of origin essence, there is the immortal atmosphere, but also the essence of immortal, shaking this party broken the world. Shihao also moved, in the Cisco Certification past, he saw a mo.untain, a huge matchless, the world only see. Many stars are too small Field Technician it exam compared with it, and around it, and in its highest place, the terrain is strange, very strange. It is falling out from the outside world, broke the wall yet The world is broken, perhaps, that the whole universe is dead, and now there are many places connected with the outside world, and is nothing. This mountain to Shihao are shocked, because, after boarding the grand peaks, he saw the highest point of a wonders, or be a vision. Peak, the magnificent terrain, magnificent and amazing. Nine dragon, pulling an ancient coffin, too strange, with that three copper coffin shape similar, but here is a natural mountain, and Shihao earlier seen nine keel pulled the copper coffin. Reincarnation mark, the real soul Field Technician of Shihao was awakened, he was thinking, silently estimated, and then think a lot. III copper coffin backing very large, a big cause and effect He felt that this is very general. I am now Daofa success, how you control the cause and effect, whether you have entangled tube, and why fear of it, to the enemy, set the town to kill Reincarnation.mark, Shihao said. boom His body f

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
640-792 Supporting Cisco TelePresence System Devices v1.0 (TPTECH) Cisco Field Technician
640-893 Supporting Cisco Data Center System Devices (DCTECH) v1.0 Cisco Field Technician