re unfamiliar Email Express Security Engineer it exam faces ah. Perfect World the latest chapter Shihao said, looking at the ancient city of those people. Do not know why these people are not into the city, all sitting on a large bluestone, according to the party, the formation of some forces alliance. Oh...... He directed at the golden man smiled and looked to Ningchuan and others, from their faces on the sweep. That is also Shensuzhu gas. The golden man said, and there is no scruples, the pupil in the two Email Express Security Engineer gold flames like beating, very exciting. From his words can know that he came from nine days and ten days in the nine days, but do not know what da.y, it is clear exceptionally strong. Otherwise, he would not be so conceited, arrogant pack, do not care about the presence of the crowd. Previously, Shi Hao has not seen him, not with Lin days to go with a few people. That there are some gold man behind the man, some really unfathomable, that is, Shi Hao are narrowing his eyes, carefully staring. Shihao ignored him, as long as it is not really conspire to come near the provocation, he looked as flat, beyond his bottom line, he will be shot to suppress. This is a kind of self confidence, Xiu Cheng Xianqi, whether he is, or ten crown, or nine days and ten other heroes, Cisco Certification have this boldness. Fairy, here please. The blond man spoke, nodded to the witch, showing a bright smile, inviting her in the past. Immeasurable days in the nine days but practicing holy soil, su

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