enemies. Now it is precisely because of this, bear the attack again and again Shi Hao, always alive, and did not fall apart and fell in this. Again, I hit your grandfather, you can start heavy, let him hemoptysis again and again Qin Zhan crazy cried, face distorted. And this time he did not destroy the sternum.obliterated, but shine, the release of God from the Content Networking bone marrow, into a light group, wrapped his body. boom Shih Hao punch blow, break through the Content Networking it exam screen, once again a lot of his bones shattered roots, many are broken pieces. Become bone, it seems difficult to reorganize. This boxing force, it can be said in Cisco Certification this territory invincible, because others simply can not easily roll the old body of law, can not shattered so hard bones. Qin, I can not die, a kind of you come again, or you do not have a chance.I Qin family of God to exit, see you can not have a good temper Qin Zhan into the devil, pupil Yao Yi, silver haired blood , Crazy and scary. as you wish Shi Hao discourse cold, fist glow, display Kunpeng law. This did not use his b

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642-342 Content Networking Exam (CN) Cisco Content Networking