light, but the fall has been cut off the sword, in the air exploded. At the same time, large array rumbling, self closing, the gap has been broken open earlier disappeared. In addition, the top of the stone Hao appeared a treasure India, runes shine, Cisco Certification control the entire palace, and activation of several layers of God array, guardian of powerhouse. Shihao sword, remote guide days, Janus to, is the holy figure in the clouds, hard edged Chi A Jianguang fly out, Guards and red, into a dragon shaped column, crushed a few pieces of meteorite, direct attack to the main body of the month chan near, murderous. That crystal body at the top, there is a secret treasure light, blessing in the body, and she is also very calm, out of a f.inger, Connected Grid it exam crystal clear, if the crystal like, point in that Jian Qi. Bo loudly Qing Xiang, Jian Qi exploded, blooming in the void, if the fireworks as beautiful and short. She looked down, the pupil of divine waves. And Shi Hao also pointed to the sky, this is Connected Grid a silent confrontation, although the two are far apart, but they feel each other kind of biting murderous. Haoer, are you all right No a lot of words figure flashing, the couple came to the stone mausoleum. I m fine Shi Hao nodded, look solemn, so go is not the way, a dignified palace was so blocking the door to attack, how can we not fight back. Qin Yining see the status quo, she waved red air, the soul together into a bunch, acoustic Road Daughter, not rude. You evil saint Pal

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650-128 Authorized Connected Grid Account Manager Knowledge Verification Cisco Connected Grid