the last step, the bone Ying white translucent, dense, engraved with symbols, a bible from the birth, will Nirvana perfection. Shi Hao secretly thinking, remove the world treasure box. Break through the golden screen, the sun god tree, and then fell on a huge branch, sitting there. Trunk vigorous, quintana golden, if the old dormant. In its surrounding, each piece of the huge gold leaf has a hazy stars. That is not the real thing, but pregnant with the world power, sooner.or later one day will be turned into a real big star. Shihao breathing, absorption P Plus, this time for the sun god Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Specialist tree, learn from the golden trunks, leaves, as well as the essence of the big star being nurtured. The haze of gold faded into his body. There is a very bright, SG Sheng more and more, will be covered in them, if still a ancient plate sitting there where the gods. Immortal immortal, and the world forever. The last moment, Shihao Cisco Certification heart of an ethereal, he felt like a tripped out to the identity of a bystander to see their piece of bone transformation. Crashing startled, all the runes from the piece of bone washed out, imprinted vanity, endless. Into the disc, blessing in Shi Hao body, the Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Specialist it exam strength of tyranny of the p

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
500-171 Implementing and Administering the FlexPod Solution (FPIMPADM) Cisco Cisco and NetApp FlexPod Specialist