y Finally, he will tripod cover to cover the boiling of the big tripod, seal the body, purple bone crystal and delicate crystal, such as jade general light. He continued to practice himself, with large drugs as the lead, baptism of flesh and bone, to break through. Of course, all the treasure is only used to assist, really still depends on his own, since the resurrection, lapping the original true solution, he has an unusual sentiment. Cisco Certification This moment, Shihao full outbreak In its surroundings, Rune clouds, very bright, reflecting the void, ten Cave emerge That year, he has been opened, and now remodeled, natural ripe, a satisfactory law, but this is not the point, he would like to go further. boom The next moment, Shi Hao made a surprising move. Ten cave in the burning, he sacrificed his life If you let others see, must be shocked, that he was crazy, do not own life yet Willing, homes...... too Shih to himself, this sentiment has Advanced Routing and Switching it exam long been, but now is to reproduce the mind, context has been clear, he knows what he is doing, do not regret it. At this point, he was in the minds of the impressed, fearless, indomit.able attempt. Ten cave burning, to own sacrifice, where into a mass of light, he simply no longer exists. Finally, the ten day cave broken, has been half Advanced Routing and Switching destroyed, and Shihao itself has long been hit, blood dry, the essence of the divine essence of the passage of time. Howe

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640-692 Supporting Cisco routing and Switching Network Devices Cisco Advanced Routing and Switching