light rain, the body without scales, has been little point Cisco Certification to seize the opportunity to break a few bones with lightning, and now again suffered heavy losses here. Crystal bone mirror issued by the light, is also a thunder, very bright, powerful scary, like Raytheon in attack It suddenly broke down a few bones down, sacrifice Ling s organs were hit, it happened a shaking heaven and earth roar, did not think that insects Account manager as large as the human so long as the opportunity to capture, will be infinitely magnified. It quickly turned golden bones cut, to attack here, to destroy the small point. Offensive has been started, the small point of how may make mistakes, the hands of bone on a fan of ancient Austrian Rune, issued the most flaming light, into the pangolin body. puff Organs broken, pangolins suffered the most serious blow, life may not be guaranteed. Small points succeeded decisive step back, no longer desperate, speed rampant away, hiding in the mist. Om soon as chatter, golden bone shear from the sky, Account manager it exam the mountains are cut off. Sacrificing the soul mad, looking for small points, but there is a terrible power of space but can not find opponents. Small point big eyes clear, hiding in the dark, holding the crystal glass of warm, dormant down, ready for the final blow lore. However, did not wait for his hands, sacrifice their own screams, had a fright, it whole body cracks, gold runes

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
810-401 Selling Business Outcomes Cisco Account manager
700-803 IoT Connected Safety and Security Account Manager Cisco Account manager
700-802 IoT Manufacturing Account Manager Cisco Account manager